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How to Schedule an Appointment?
My fee schedule

For efficient communication please send an email with your contact information and preferred appointment times. Allow upto 2 working days for a reply. Rao Psychiatry does not bill any insurance. Session fees is $650 for a 90 min child intake, $500 for a 60 min adult intake and $200 for up to a 20 minute follow up. Therapy sessions are $300 for 60 minutes.

What to expect on the day of your appointment?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early, bring any relevant labs, testing or diagnostic paperwork with you to the appointment, and also bring a list of current and past medications that you have taken. Have a seat in the waiting room and fill out intake paperwork and consents. 


Visits are confidential with few exceptions. (Risk of harm to self or others)  You have to provide consent for Dr. Rao to communicate with your parents, children, spouses, friends, teachers, school and college counselors and medical doctors, even therapists. If patient is a minor, the parents have to provide consent on behalf of the minor. 

The initial evaluation is centered on the reason for the appointment. Dr. Rao also gathers information about past psychiatric issues, medical problems, and family history and past and current social circumstances in order to formulate an appropriate plan and optimal recommendations. If you are currently taking controlled prescriptions please be sure to communicate that to Dr. Rao as Dr. Rao follows strict dosing guidelines and may not be comfortable continuing to prescribe them for you if you are taking high doses, example anything more than 1 mg of Clonazepam daily or more than 40 mg of Adderall etc. unless you are flexible and amenable to Dr. Rao's recommendations to lower to safer and recommended doses.  

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