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Rao Psychiatry is an out of network practice and does not bill public or private insurance. Appointment fees can range from $200-$650. A 60 minute initial adult appointment fee is $500 and 90 minute initial child appointment fee is $650.
Default 20 minute follow up appointment fee is $200 for both children and adults. 
Weekly therapy is $300 for 60 min.

Rao Psychiatry can certainly provide an invoice per request that can be submitted to your insurance company for payment.

I offer a 50% discount to active/ retired military families and to teachers. 

Fees for appointments

Dr. Rao's charges are competitive and similar to what most private pay psychiatrists charge for appointments.  Frequency of follow up appointments depends strictly on the acuity of the illness and whether or not patient is being prescribed controlled substances. Also if patient needs to reach out to Dr. Rao multiple times for various concerns in-between appointments it is in their best interest to instead have close in person follow up.

Fees for documents

Certain requests for documents are subject to fees. The charges apply to the time allotted to filling out the document. 

Refill of triplicate medications and controlled substances

Patients on triplicate medications such as stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse) and controlled non triplicate sedative- hypnotic medications like Benzodiazepine medications (Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin) and Ambien etc. warrant closer monitoring and frequent follow ups.  These scripts are issued 1 month at a time to comply with regulations with usage of such medications. Once stable on symptoms you may be allowed to follow up every 3 months. 

Electronic prescriptions

According to the HRSA website,” E-prescribing gives providers an important tool to safely and efficiently manage patients’ medications.  Compared to paper or fax prescriptions, e-prescribing improves medication safety, better management of

medications costs, improved prescribing accuracy and efficiency, increase practice efficiency while improving health care quality and reducing health care costs through the reduction of adverse drug events and increased prescribing of generic medications.” It is certainly more convenient for patients to not have to come by the office to pick up a paper prescription or wait for it to be mailed to their house address.

Direct phone contact with Dr. Rao

As a conscientious practitioner Dr. Rao strives to be available for all emergent and concerning matters however that is not always feasible. In case of emergent matters please contact and or visit an urgent care, emergency room or call 911. For non-emergent matters please allow 2-3 working days for her to get back with you. Any symptoms or medication related changes warrant a follow up appointment since a brief telephone conversation is often not optimal for such purposes. Refill requests should be initiated when you have at least a week worth of medications on hand and not last minute when there is a chance that you will run out of them.

*There is no charge for scheduled refills. However if you request the same script be sent multiple times due to pharmacy issues you will be charged $25 each time the script is resent. (I am not implementing this temporarily due to medication shortages.)

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