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American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Double Board Certified Psychiatrist in Dallas, TX  Serving the Metroplex

Rao Psychiatry specializes in whole range of Adult, Child and Adolescent psychiatric issues.

Dr. Rao is board certified in both adult psychiatry and child & adolescent psychiatry and specializes in understanding the emotional and behavioral needs of children, adolescents, adults, and their families. Rao Psychiatry offers courteous and friendly service that patients from across Dallas, TX, appreciate. Rao Psychiatry offers convenient, hassle-free scheduling; Dr. Rao is easily accessible and promptly responds to her patient needs. Appropriate Psychiatry services make it possible for children and adults to regain hope, and optimize their ability to become thriving individuals.

Dr. Rao is a firm believer of shared decision making, patient centered care, patient education and inter professional collaboration. These practices foster engagement and enable improved outcomes for patients and their families and empower them to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Health and wellness encompass physical, mental and spiritual realms. These realms are part of a whole. When interventions target each one of these areas the changes that are brought about are long lasting and meaningful.


Dr. Rao owns Rao psychiatry and is experienced and trained to evaluate and treat ADHD, Mood Problems, Depression, Developmental Delays, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Thought Disorders, Anxiety, Social Phobias, Adjustment Issues, Self-Harm Behaviors, Substance Use Problems, Sleep-Wake Disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, Gender Dysphoria, Neurocognitive, Personality and other emotional and behavioral challenges.


If you’re tired of struggling with a situation on your own, then see how psychiatric consultation can provide you with psychopharmacological guidance and therapeutic support. Dr. Rao serves patients from throughout Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and the surrounding areas with confidential, discreet, and professional services.


Dr. Rao is an ABPN double boarded psychiatrist and licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas.

Dr. Rao cares deeply about improving and

maintaining the health of her patients and focusing on meaningful interactions. She is weary about ” medicalizing” ordinary experiences and over treating her patients. She recommends medications only when there is sound justification for their use. Her assessment and recommendations are not motivated by any 3rd party financial kickbacks and her loyalty and ethical obligation is only towards her patients.


Rao Psychiatry’s goal is to always collaborate with patients in formulating a plan that is medically appropriate, practically feasible and mutually agreeable. Her goal as a psychiatrist is to help realize your goals.


Although most people visit with Rao psychiatry to alleviate struggles and overcome mental challenges and heal Dr. Rao’s ultimate goal is to help her patients understand what it is to live a meaningful life. She is a firm believer in the science and practice of psychiatry that seeks to understand and promote well being through assessment and interventions aimed at enhancing positive psychosocial factors among people who have or are at high risk for developing mental or physical illness, thus expanding the field of psychiatry from treating symptoms to actively enhancing well being among mental health patients.

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